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NYC Goodbye Lullaby Release

Hello fellow Avril lovers! I took a bus to NYC for Avril's release of Goodbye Lullaby and I wanted to share my entry as a review of the event. I hope this is okay. Add me if you like, I need more blogs to read with common interests! Also, I don't know if it's okay to cross-promote, but the whole reason I got to have this experience was because of . It's the largest Avril Lavigne community online. My username is avrilssong

Thanks! Mods comment if you need me to edit anything!

So now I'm sick, probably run-down, from last week. I hopped a bus to New York to hang out with fellow Bandaiders for Avril Lavigne's new cd release, "Goodbye Lullaby".

First we woke up super early and waited outside The Today Show, it was awesome because the weatherman Al Rocker plugged Bandaids on air and Avril saw us backstage and tweeted about us! I am so happy for the girls who work so hard on the site, it deserves to be recognized! My mom saw me on tv too. So it was FREEZING but Avril came out and hung out and signed stuff for us, and told us to warm up! She's the sweetest girl ever.

Next we were on MTV's The Seven and Georgie from Bandaids got to interview Avril for the show. It was so weird she kept waving to me everytime she saw me, she remembered I was with them and I really can't describe how awesome that feels. Basically, it feels like she's a friend and super down to earth. Avril deserves everything she's worked for!

So the next day we were her audience front row for her performance on The View and she met with us again after. I asked her if Abbey Dawn would have rocking shoes like Iron Fist does and she said yah, boots and heels and everything! I'm going to be broke.

Last we had to wait in the freezing again for the iheartradio private concert. It was so fun to jump around and rock out! Her videographer Matt Dipple kept recording us, he interviewed us as fans and we all sang "Smile". Now Avril gets to watch us, again! I also spied this vodka in a skull bottle at the liquor store and the Bandaiders all chipped in and bought it for her.

Then I had to take a bus home but it was such an awesome few days. Thank you so much Bandaids! Time of any Avril fan's life!
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You are very lucky! I watched this performance on youtube, that was amazing!

She is often in N.Y. cause she lives in USA, I hope we will see her soon in Russia during her tour.